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CC CompanyChecked Subsidiary

| Uncategorized | January 4, 2012

Company Checked is a information collection system. Mostly designed for large cap companies to do a quick unofficial security check on vendors. News organizations have nick named CC as a “Big Brother” because of the massive collection of information.      Today large companies are still networking enjoying a safer more secure work environment. CC Top-10 is the new baby brother. This small scale  has arrived because of our clients requesting private background checks for there personal home services. CC Top-10 is the best of the best and is now legal and free.
Our ranking system is still proprietary  so we can not advise on how to secure or excel to make the Top-10 list. We do advise hiring employees that have clean backgrounds, avoid making late payments, also officers on record must have high credit scores, and any local awards should be sent to the CC Top-10 site.
Some basic rules of engagement: Make sure CC badge’s links directly to the Company Checked site to allow feed back, again always allow feed back. Also note and report both good and bad dealings with other local companies. The key is good and bad, as others verify your analysis your CC Credit goes up.  Top-10 list will is made up of high CC Credit only.